Buy / Sell Protection

If you have a partner in business, you have a need for insurance so that in the event of death or disability, you can buy out your partners’ interest without having to take out a loan or liquidate company assets. This is also important where children and taxes are involved.


Key Person Coverage

Your key employees are your most valuable business asset. Their skill, knowledge and experience are your real profit makers. Without them, the success and growth of your business could be in jeopardy. Key employee insurance is designed to protect your business from the adversities associated with the loss of a key employee, manager or executive. The death or disability of a key employee could result in a substantial financial loss due to hiring and training a replacement, lost sales, and/or slowed production.



Group Health Benefits

As prices for group health care continue to skyrocket, it is important to have someone who can walk you through the myriad of options and help you obtain the best rates and the best coverage for your company. As a Charter Benefit Consultant, my goal is to educate and inform you of all available options. ARE YOU SURE GROUP IS THE BEST WAY TO GO? The new OHIO EXCHANGE may give your employees a better coverage and save YOUR business money. Call me and we can discuss your option.


 Lincoln LifeComp® DollarFlex

 These plans provide selected employees with valuable supplemental benefits in a way that's financially attractive to both the participant and the sponsoring employer. The structure of LifeComp® DollarFlex allows the plan to solve multiple need simultaneously. Typically, plans can be designed to provide desired pension supplement for the participant, any level of insurance coverage (pre- and post retirement) payable to the participants family and any level of key executive insurance protection required by the sponsoring employer. 

Lincoln LifeComp Suite's complete accounting and administration system helps ensure that the plan is properly maintained on the employers books and the original (or revised) plan objectives are met through proper funding.